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Labor Day Weekend Traveling: What's Your Bed Bug Risk?

Posted by Desiree Bennett on

-4-things-it-s-almost-impossible-blog.jpgLabor Day Weekend is almost here and it brings with it the unofficial end of summer. This typically means some planning and embarking on fun filled trips to enjoy the three day weekend and some freedom before school and work schedules really take off.

Although this also means temperatures will surely be cooling down soon enough, bed bugs are still within peak numbers and the likelihood for a run in is still quite high.

How Likely Are You to Be Exposed to Bed Bugs?

Surprisingly, being exposed to bed bugs is far more common than we like to think. If there is one thing that bed bugs are extremely talented at, it’s hiding in the tightest of spaces. Unfortunately this means that they can be lurking a few feet away, without any detection. Bed bugs can survive for months without feeding off of a host, which allows them to hide for longer periods while they await the perfect opportunity to feed and create an infestation.

How to Spot Bed Bugs

Looking for bed bugs is the first step in limiting your chances for bringing home bed bugs. Once you arrive to your destination, leave the luggage outside of the room or place it in the shower or bath tub. Check the bedding, bed frame, mattress, head and foot boards, as well as any bedside furniture. If you spot any bed bugs, immediately notify the staff and asked to be placed in a new room on the opposite end of the hotel.

What to Do After Exposure to Bed Bugs?

If you have been or believe you have been exposed to bed bugs, the most important thing is to follow the proper steps to prevent a bed bug infestation. Thoroughly check your luggage. You can also help protect your belongings and give yourself the ultimate peace of mind by using luggage encasements and travel spray.

Don’t Forget…

Talking about your bed bug concerns will help in limiting and/or preventing infestations. Though it may be uncomfortable to discuss, it helps to limit the possible spread of bed bugs. The more people are made aware and begin to treat for possible infestations, the faster, easier, and more successful treatments can be!