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ElimiMite™ Dust Mite Laundry Additive Concentrate - 8oz


Product Description

ElimiMite™ Laundry Additive to the rescue!

ElimiMite is a natural way to fight back against dust mite allergens using natural enzyme action. This product penetrates and lifts dust mite allergens from all your washable bedding, clothing and other textiles. Dust mites and allergens are everywhere in your home, but most concentrated area is your bed, pillowcases and sheets.

Dust mite allergens trigger asthma attacks and cause allergic reactions. Invisible to the naked eye, dust mites can be found by, in some cases, the millions and these dust mites in turn deposit millions of allergens into your bedding and clothing.

These allergens consist of powerful proteins found in fecal matter, secretions and exoskeletons from the dust mites. They permeate your pillowcases, sheets, blankets, mattress covers and clothing.

It is these allergens that affect your health and well-being. So as you sleep, your face and body is in direct contact with them as well as breathing them in with each breath.

The Dust Mite Cycle

  1. While asleep your body sheds dead skin.

  2. Air and body moisture allows fungus to grow on discarded skin, creating dust mite's favorite food.

  3. Dust mites feast on the "skin soup" of fungus and dead skin.

  4. They leave droppings, secretions and exoskeletons from shedding. These dry out.

  5. These dried out leftovers become statically charged and are light enough to become airborne.

  6. These airborne allergens are inhaled causing asthma and allergy attacks.


ElimiMite is an easy-to-use weapon in the fight against dust mite allergens. Follow the manufacturer's fabric care instructions. Use warm or hot water and add ElimiMite to your laundry according to the following recommendations:

Top Loading Washers: Wait until machine is 1/2 way filled with water, add detergent and 4 tsps. of ElimiMite.

Front Loading Washers: Add detergent as directed by washer manufacturer.  Add 2 tsps. of ElimiMite through the detergent tray.

Hand Washing: For medium and small sinks add 1/2 teaspoon.  Rinse very well.

Other Details

  • Natural dust mite elimination
  • Powerful enzymes remove dust mites in the wash
  • As easy to use as fabric softener

Product Reviews

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  1. Great dust mite product! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Mar 2015

    This has been a God send for my son who is highly allergic to dust mite allergens. thank you for a great natural product!!

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