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Crawling Insect Control Dust 2lb Package (w/Free Hand Duster)

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Product Description

Order today get a free dust applicator!

Crawling Insect Control Dust, is diatomaceous earth which provides safe organic, long-term elimination of bed bugs on carpet, rugs, furniture, flooring, cracks, crevices, plants, and anywhere bugs have infested your home.

Crawling Insect Control Dust does not contain fillers or baits and is 100% diatomaceous earth. The crystalline silica content is less than one half of one percent. Crawling Insect Control Dust is Natural and OMRI Listed.

What is Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous Earth is composed of finely milled fossilized shells of microscopic organisms called diatoms. Crawling Insect Control Dust is 100% diatomaceous earth. It is a light dust that clings easily to the bodies of insects as they walk or crawl over it.

Unlike boric acid dusts that work best when ingested, Crawling Insect Control Dust only requires contact with the insect to be effective. It absorbs the waxy cuticle surrounding the insect, causing the insect to dehydrate and die.

This is a natural, mechanical insecticide that is an excellent alternative to conventional chemicals. With proven long term residual effectiveness, Crawling Insect Control Dust uses physical means, not chemical, and therefore prevents the bug's ability to build up a resistance to it in future generations.

Diatomaceous Earth is also good way to control ants, box elder bugs, carpet beetles, centipedes, crickets, cockroaches, earwigs, fleas, grasshoppers, millipedes, slugs and silverfish.

Usage Instructions
Please read for the specific type of bug you are treating:

Indoor Use:

Cockroaches, Ants, Earwigs, Millipedes and Centipedes, Crickets and Silverfish. Lightly coat a thin layer of Crawling Insect Control Dust in areas where these pests are found and may hide such as cracks and crevices, behind and beneath refrigerators, cabinets, stovess, garbage cans and in and around sewer pipes and drains, window frames and in attics and basements. Dust insects directly if possible. Repeat treatment regularly.

Bed Bugs:

Dismantle bed. Use Crawling Insect Control Dust in joints, crevices, and where rungs are inserted. See that all interior areas are dusted. Dust mattresses, especially folds and edges. All cracks and crevices in the bedroom should be treated, as well.


Thoroughly treat floor and bedding in and around pets' sleeping quarters. Treat surrounding cracks and crevices, baseboards, carpeting, and wherever fleas are suspected.

Carpet Beetles:

Dust along baseboards, carpet edges, under carpeting, furniture, in closets and shelving where these insects are seen or suspected.

Outdoor Use:

Cockroaches, Earwigs, Grasshoppers, Ants, Crickets, and other crawling insects: Lightly coat a thin layer of Crawling Insect Control Dust in areas where the insects are found, such as patios, outdoor sills, window and door frames. Dust around foundations, along ant trails, and around sewer pipes & drains. Repeat treatment as necessary.

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  1. good dust 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Nov 2013

    this dust works very well all I am finding is dead bed bugs and a few baby live ones

  2. Just Started 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Jul 2013

    We just started using the dust and spray this past Friday. Really went to work Saturday and Sunday. The dust is easy to use, but DO use a dust mask when using it! The decrease in the number of bugs was dramatic. We figure to see how things are in a week or two. I was skeptical but so far, this is exactly as promised. Plus, the people on the 866 number are really great.

  3. this is amazing 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Sep 2012

    I have a bed bug problem and have tried the heat treatment which cost me three thousand dollars and got them back. I tried using orkin which cost me one thousand dollars. The powder actually works and I see results. I don't undertand why this isn't more known and available to the public.

  4. great product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Aug 2012

    i bought this dust after reading good reviews on it and combined it with the natural bed bug killer spray and it has done wonders.. im very glad to say i almost 100% bed bug free in only less then a week.. i plan to buy some more down road just to maintain a bed bug free home.. thanks again

  5. Best Bug Control Ever! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Jun 2012

    I have been using this product since I had a bed but infestation back in 2007. These are the ONLY products I use--the Bed Bug Patrol Spray and Crawling Dust. These products work to rid my home of any crawling pests. I spray it at least once a week around my beds and clothing near the bed as a precaution. This method has worked for me ever since my infestion problem was gone. I LOVE this product. Whenever I run low, I reorder. These products are a must have in my home. I am crawling bug free! Thanks for a great product!!!

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