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​Why Not Just Call An Exterminator For Your Bed Bug Problem?

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In our most recent blog we talked about why it’s important to start with a bed bug spray that works instead of trying a bunch of cheaper ones first. After all, what the point of spraying those other products if they’re bad for people and pets, all the while not working.

Now, if you agree and we’ve got you on board for the whole “use an all-natural spray that works” thing, you might drop some natural solutions for bed bugs into your cart. But then you might wonder, this DIY stuff seems much too easy. Shouldn’t I spend a lot more money and call and exterminator that might not work? (Can you sense our sarcasm?) Well, let’s break that snarky statement down a bit.

Exterminators Are Expensive

There’s a good chance that you’re at our site for one simple reason: you called an exterminator and found out just how expensive they can be. One reason is that the chemical exterminators have to come back more than once. In fact, most of them will say they have to come back at least three times before you’re going to see any real difference.

Of course, there are heat treatments. We’ll admit, they’re pretty effective at raising the heat in the home high enough to kill bed bugs (or at least those bugs that aren’t chased into different parts of the house by the rising heat). But if you’ve ever been quoted a price, you know that the sticker shock can scare people away quickly. Heat treatments can be as much as $2000 for a whole-house treatment. That price usually sends people looking for something a bit more reasonable, and even when they order our most expensive package (complete with steamer! Yeah, we can bring the heat too) it’s about 10-percent of the cost of a heat treatment. Why not start here, take advantage of our money-back guarantee if for some reason our products don’t work, and then try the ultra-expensive route?

Exterminators Are Still Using Harsh Chemicals

For a while there in the past, chemicals were really working against bed bugs. But some bed bugs became resistant to the harshest chemicals, while the chemicals themselves were made less toxic for health and environmental reasons.

Now that certainly doesn't mean that the less-dangerous chemicals that most exterminators use today are good for you. You especially don’t want to be around them for long amounts of time, day after say, the eight hours when you sleep every day.

What you really want is an all-natural bed bug killer, one that isn’t toxic to humans or pets. We use ingredients that nature itself uses to keep bed bugs away, so you can rest assured knowing that you won’t be sleeping in the same room with harsh chemicals on your mattress. Some people like the smell of our bed bug treatments, others don’t. But it certainly smells better than what you’ll get from the other guys.

Exterminators Still Might Not Work

Here’s the real problem with chemical exterminators...they probably won’t give you a guarantee. As we said, they often have to come back again and again in order to put more an and more poisons in your bedroom, and even then they often don’t work. They might even be chasing the bed bugs from one room to another, and the bed bugs, able to live more than six months without a meal, will just wait for the poisons to dissipate.

One thing that most chemical exterminators fail to do is attack the bed bugs from every angle. For instance, in this video we suggest a multi-faceted approach to bed bug eradication, one that involves chemical attacks (bed bug sprays, bed bug traps), physical removal (vacuuming), heat treatments (with steamers), control dust (diatomaceous earth, which dehydrates the bed bugs), and hinderance (bed bug traps). Using all of these is the best way to ensure that you’re getting every type of bed bug out there, no matter their habits.

For not much money, you could be bed bug free. You’re going to feel so much better knowing that you took care of the problem and that you’ll be able to handle it with ease if it ever happens again. If you’re ready to get started, so are we. Simply start shopping right here.