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​What People Are Saying About Our Natural Bed Bug Repellent

Posted by Bed Bug Store on

Over the course of our blogs, we’ve talked about many of the scientific aspects of our bed bug sprays and traps. We’ve also discussed some of the many reasons you don’t want to wait to find a bed bug solution, because doing so just means that you’ll have deal with more bed bugs in the future. We’ve also given you some great advice on how to keep bed bugs out of your home in the first place.

As you can see, we’ve thrown a lot of facts and suggestions at you, but that’s all coming from us. Sure, we think we offer the best bed bug elimination option around, but it’s our blog...we can say anything we want! That’s why it’s a good idea to take a look at a third-party review website to find out what actual customers are saying about our bed bug control techniques. Today we’re going to take a look at a reviews from Top Rated Local and respond to them. Are our bed bug sprays working? Why have people turned to our solutions to eliminate bed bugs? Let’s see what Anna H. has to say.

“Our experience with fighting bedbugs was none in the beginning. We have 7 cats in the house so we thought it was a flea problem! When we realized it was bed bugs we knew we needed something safe for our cats. We didn't have a lot of money so calling an exterminator was not an option. So we purchased the dusting powder and spray from and started treating out home. We also bought bags for all our mattresses and enclosed them after treating them. We treated our house every 2 weeks for up to a year till we saw no more bugs.”

— Anna H.

Thanks for writing in, Anna. You’ve touched on a lot of different subjects in a short amount of time, so let’s break it down a little.

First of all, you mention that you didn’t know that you had bed bugs for a while. This is actually the case for many people, because any insect infestation tends to grow over time. People are oblivious to termites for years, bee swarms can live in the walls undetected, ants can be unseen one day and the next the entire pantry is full of them. So mistaking bed bug bites for flea bites is very understandable, especially since you have seven cats.

Of course, once you realized it wasn’t a cat problem, you had to make sure that the solution wouldn't bother your furry friends. That’s one of the aspects of our bed bug spray that we’re most proud of. It’s an all-natural bed bug repellent (and bed bug killer) that’s safe for both humans and animals, because you certainly don’t want the cure to be worse than the disease.

Third, you talk about not having a lot of money. We understand, and that’s why we do what we can to make our bed bug treatments as affordable as possible. We realize that exterminators will usually charge between $500 and $1500 to get rid of bed bugs, and that often means using harsh chemicals. We also know that heat treatments tend to work well, but they’re even more expensive than a traditional exterminator. At, you can get the spray and insect control dust (diatomaceous earth) for under $50, which certainly beats what you’ll spend on an exterminator. You can even get our huge superpak of bed bug killing solutions for just $180, which is still about a third the cost of an you get to keep the steamer!

Next, let’s talk about your purchase of the spray and the dust. These two items go together really well, because one attacks them chemically (the bed bug spray) and the other attacks them physically (the bed bug dust, which gets on their exoskeleton and mortally dehydrates them). It’s a great one-two punch that works really well for many of our customers. The mattress covers were a nice addition, as they’ll trap any bed bugs that might have escaped the spray until they starve to death, all the while severely limiting the number of places that the bed bugs outside of the covers are able to hide. For under a hundred bucks you really hit them hard.

Finally, you mention that you kept treating your bed bugs problem until the problem was gone. The fact is, no bed bug treatment is immediate (heat treatments are the closest thing, but they cost around $2,000 dollars). Any pesticide is going to take time and take multiple applications, and while it certainly doesn’t always take as long as you mentioned, we’re glad you stuck with it. You just have to ask yourself, would you rather spend a bit of money with an easy do-it-yourself remedy for bed bugs, or have an exterminator come back multiple times to spray harmful chemicals in your bedroom? We think the answer is obvious.

Whew, all that from a single customer response! Anna certainly brought up many great points, so we’re very glad she wrote in (and gave us 5/5 stars!) We’ll respond to some more customer reviews in the future, but if Anna has convinced you that our bed bug eradication products are the way to go, start shopping here!