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​The Bed Bug Products You Can Use To Find Out If You Have Bed Bugs

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With the growth of bed bug problems across the United States, it’s no surprise that you might think that you have them and start itching when you get into bed. But it’s not always the case. Sometimes it’s just acne on the legs, other times you might be itching because it’s winter and you have dry skin. So before you go buying bed bug spray and start pouring bed bug control dust along the doorframes, it’s important to find out if you really have bed bugs or not.

There are actually quite a few ways to find out if you have bed bugs. Let’s take a look at the most common means of detecting bed bug bites.

Simply Look For Them

While bed bugs are small, an adult bed bug is able to be seen easily by most people with normal or corrected vision. Adult bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed and look brownish or reddish, depending on how recently they’ve had a blood meal. The nymphs can be considerably harder to see, especially if they haven’t fed yet and remain more opaque. The eggs are, of course, the hardest to find because they’re white (like the mattress) and about as small as a single number in the date on a penny.

Once you’ve found the bed bugs, get out the vacuum, steamer, and bed bug spray. A multi-pronged approach is the best way to ensure that you’re getting them at every stage of their life cycle.

Look For Their Leavings

“Leavings” is such a euphemism, so let’s just call it what it is: you’re looking for their feces. Bed bugs might be good at hiding themselves, but like most creatures they’re going to defecate where they are. You’ll want to look for reddish-brown spots on your sheets and mattress. The feces is this color because it is your digested blood. We’re not going to sugarcoat this, because the more disgusting the truth is, the more likely you’ll want to grab some bed bug killing spray and start eradicating them.

If you’re having trouble finding the bed bugs or eggs, there is something that can help...

Bed Bug Detector Light

If you’re still pretty sure you have bed bugs but just can’t find them, here’s a special tool that can help. Our bed bug detector light is set to a wavelength that causes bed bug feces and eggs to fluoresce. It’s the fastest way to find signs of bed bugs. It’s also a great “last sweep” options after you think you’ve got them all with vacuuming and spraying.

Bed Bug Traps

Bed bug traps serve many purposes, and that’s why we recommend them as part of bed bug eradication. For the purposes of this blog, the most important thing they can do is to verify that you do, in fact, have bed bugs. Simply place them at each foot of the bed and peel them open. The bed bugs will be drawn to them and get stuck. If you put these traps down and you find bed bugs, then it’s pretty obvious you have a problem. (Bed bug traps are also a good way to catch bed bugs as they’re trying to climb up onto the bed, stopping them before they find you. Not only that, but they can draw bed bugs down and out of the bed frame.)

Do you have bed bugs? We hope we’ve given you enough information to find out. Once you’ve verified that there is indeed a problem, we look forward to helping you get rid of the them with our wide selection of all-natural bed bug killers. Start right here!