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Father's Day 2017

Posted by Desiree Bennett on

Father’s Day weekend is almost here! Have you picked up dad’s new tie yet? Some of the most popular gifts to get for dad are things he can really use, like new ties and shirts, or that shiny new tool set he’s been eyeballing. However, since Father’s Day is during the nice summer months, many families will be out and about on vacation trips to celebrate.

However, we can’t stress enough that now that the temperatures are warming up, it’s time to start really paying attention to your surroundings so you can protect yourself and your belongings from becoming infested with bed bugs!

Do you know what you should do before you settle into your hotel room?

First things first, do not bring your luggage into the hotel room. If you do, set them in the bathtub or shower while you thoroughly and closely inspect your mattress and bedding, bed frame, and bedside tables.

It may seem like a bit much to do when just checking into your room(s), but this step is the most important to help ensure that you spot a problem early and keep yourself and anywhere these buggers love to hide safe.

How do I protect my home from bed bugs?

Our free in-depth bed bug guide is a great start for information about bed bugs, where they come from, where they like to hide most, and most importantly - how to treat your home for them!

Be sure to inspect your bags before bringing them into your home if you suspect you have been exposed to bed bugs. It only takes one to create a whole new infestation, so by taking some time out to locate any hitchhikers and begin prompt treatment using a natural bed bug solution you will be heading off a potentially larger problem down the line.