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4 More Ways To Fail At Avoiding Bed Bugs

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In our most recent blog we discussed many ways you’re making life easier on bed bugs, and unfortunately there are few ways to change your life so as to avoid the bed bug bites. After all, you can’t stop expressing carbon dioxide when you sleep, which is one of the most common ways they locate you. You can’t lower your body temperature enough to get them to miss you, and more (or less) clothing (or hair) simply concentrates the bites in a smaller area. And while they might not like green sheets as much as they like black ones, they’re still going to walk across them to make a meal of your blood.

As it turns out, avoiding the bed bug bites isn’t something you should be worried about at all. What you should be worried about is complete bed bug eradication. After all, if they’re not around, they’re not going to bite you. But people are always looking for the easy way out like those you’ll find below (when it turns out that the actual easy way out is our bed bug killing spray!).

Your Sleep Schedule

So we know that bed bugs come out at night, because they tend to be nocturnal critters. So what if you slept during the day and avoided your bed at night? Will that work?

Well, first of off, that’s a big change to make in your life just to avoid bed bug bites! Even if you end up getting a night job, it doesn’t change the fact that the bed bugs are still there and can live for a year without a meal.

More importantly, it just won’t work. At most you’re inconvenienceing the little blood suckers a little, making them get a job that doesn’t jive with their prefered sleep schedule. Animals do what they have to to survive, and if that means waking up at a different time it’s really not going to bother them much. The thing to do is find the best bed bug treatment around and get rid of them completely.

In a similar vein, it’s not going to help to change...

Your Room's Lighting

Again, because bed bugs are nocturnal, maybe it will help to keep the light on and fool them into thinking that it’s constantly day? Sorry. The only difference it’s going to make is that you’re going to get a worse night’s sleep. The bed bugs will come out anyway.

Your Cleanliness

We wrote an entire article on why bed bugs are just as likely to be found in the homes of rich people who can afford professional cleaning services as someone who’s working two jobs and doesn’t have the time to clean. (In fact, in that article we posited that those who are well-off might actually be more susceptible.) How clean your home might determine how many roaches or ants you might invite in, but that doesn’t matter at all when it comes to bed bugs. Bed bugs aren’t looking for crumbs, they’re looking for blood...and everyone has blood!

There is one way in which cleanliness can help. If you’re a consummate vacuumer, you will most likely be vacuuming up some bed bugs in the carpet whenever you get out the Hoover. And if you take the vacuum nozzle to your couches, you’ll also be grabbing some in that way. However, there’s are two catches to this. First of all, you have to change the bag or empty the canister directly into your outdoor trash bin every time you vacuum. Otherwise the bed bugs can just crawl out and head back to wherever the heat and carbon dioxide are accumulating (your sleeping body). Second, the fact is that you’re not going to get every bed bug no matter how much you vacuum. You may well prevent some bites, but there are many others that simply won’t be touched by a vacuum. That’s why it’s a good idea to hit them with bed bug spray, bed bug traps, and a steamer that can get into places that vacuums can’t. This Super Pack of bed bug treatments is the most well-rounded way of getting rid of them. Is a vacuum part of the solution? Yes, but it can’t be the only step taken.

Your Spare Bedroom

So there are bed bugs in your bedroom. Bummer. If the bed bugs won’t leave, should you? You have a spare bedroom, and you’re sick of being bitten during the night and itching the next day. Why not move over there for a while so that the bed bugs will starve?

Well, the fact is that it would take a year for them to starve. But don’t worry about those bed bugs, because they’re going to follow you. No, they can’t fly. They can’t even jump. But they can crawl wicked-fast! In fact, they can crawl upwards of 5 feet a minute. If you get up in the middle of the night and head to the room down the hall, they can easily be back on you in under half an hour.

“Close the door,” you might think. It’s a good thought, because that will block your heat and the carbon dioxide you produce, but those draws will eventually make their way under the door, and bed bugs can crawl through the carpet to get to you. What if the spare bedroom is on another floor? After a few nights without food, they’re going to go searching the house for you. They can crawl around baseboards and through walls, up and down carpeted stairs, and...well, like all horror movie monsters, they’re going to find you. By moving, you’re simply infecting more of your house.

What it comes down to is this: if you have bed bugs, avoiding the bites isn’t the answer. Trying to get away from them isn’t going to work, messing with their sleep schedule isn’t going to work, and messing with your sleep schedule isn’t going to work. The answer is simply killing them with a natural bed bug treatment that works. Order your bed bug killers from us today!