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​3 Reasons You Don’t Want To Put Off Bed Bug Treatments

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In our most recent blog we heard from a customer who didn’t immediately realize that they had a bed bug problem at all. Yes, they were waking up with strange bites, but because they had a number cats they simply thought it was a flea problem. Once they realized that it was the bed bugs who were to blame, they quickly hit the problem hard with our bed bug killing spray and some bed bug dust.

It’s a good thing they did, too, because a bed bug infestation is just going to get worse and worse until it starts looking like this. (Don’t click that link.) Here are three reasons that you want to start looking for a bed bug solution the moment you suspect something might be noshing on you in the middle of the night.

Their Numbers Are Just Going To Grow

As bad as bed bugs are, the good thing is that they don’t reproduce as quickly as some other bugs. At the same time, a single female can lay 500 eggs over her lifetime, and considering that bed bugs hold up well to inbreeding, one pregnant female is all it takes to start an infestation.

Here’s an even bigger problem: nothing is going to keep their number in check. Most of our houses don’t have the bed bug’s natural predators such as centipedes or ants, and many of us kill other natural predators such as spiders when we see them. (We prefer to toss spiders outside, but that doesn’t keep the bed bug population in check either). So unless you want to sit around and watch a few bed bugs die of old age while their population explodes, you’ll want to find an all-natural bed bug spray that speeds up their dying process exponentially!

You’ll Just Keep Getting Bitten

When it comes to bed bugs, it’s not like they bite you a few times and move on. You’ve given them a good life that’s warm and comfortable, free from predators, and no rent! You protect them, you feed them, you give them a nice place to reproduce — why would they ever leave?

Night after night they’re going to come back, sucking your blood, giving you rashes, making you scratch in public. During the winter, as you cover your body more with pajamas and covers, they’ll move to exposed areas such as your face and neck. As their numbers grow, you’re just going to be bitten more every night, and while those bites might not kill you it’s certainly going to give you a negative view of the room in your house where you should feel most safe. And speaking of rooms…

They’re Going To Travel

As populations get crowded, most every animal has some members that will wander off in search of new food. Bed bugs are no different, and as things get crowded they’re going to move off into other bedrooms. That might mean infesting your kid’s bedroom, or a guest bedroom where they could survive for a year waiting for your parents to visit.

You also have to worry about taking the bed bugs with you when you travel. Any of them in your dresser could catch a ride on your socks the next time you head to a relative’s house, infesting their home as well. If you take care of your home with an all-natural bed bug solution, you’re protecting your extended family (as well as your fellow travelers).

At the first sign of a bed bug problem, look for the signs. Grab one of our bed bug lights to look for adults, nymphs, eggs, and fecal spots. Then attack them hard and you won’t have to worry about a much worse infection in the future!

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