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Bed Bug Killer Products

Bed Bug Patrol is your trusted source for the best bed bug killers on the market. Like many of you, we were tired of having to choose from between bed bug killing sprays that were either effective but toxic, or nontoxic but also very ineffective. So, we set to work formulating our own bed bug killer products made from premium natural ingredients that are safe for humans and pets, but lethal to bed bugs.

The result of our hard work is a full suite of bed bug killing products that can be used inside your home, business, or even an unfamiliar hotel room to ensure that you don’t become a midnight snack for a family of hungry bed bugs. bb-bullets.jpg

A Wide-Variety Of Bed Bug Killing Products

To completely eradicate a bed bug infestation, many people make the mistake of relying on just bed bug killing spray or just bed bug dust. When you shop online with us at the Bedbug Store, you can choose from a wide variety of bed bug killing products. Each one is specifically designed to be easy to use, effective, and most of all, safe for use inside the homes and businesses that are most important to you.

Bed Bug Killing Spray - Our original and best selling product, Bed Bug Patrol’s killing spray kills bugs and their eggs within 24 hours, and often on contact. Instead of leaving behind a sticky residue or unpleasant scent, you’ll be left with nothing but the odor of peppermint..and no bed bugs!

Bed Bug Killing Dust - Want to kill bed bugs even when you’re not at home? Try our bed bug killing dust. Made from 100 percent diatomaceous earth, this product can be sprinkled in conspicuously around your home. It’s completely safe for people and animals, but when bed bugs come into contact with it, they’ll shrivel up and die. Literally.

Bed Bug Traps - Putting these thin-film traps underneath the posts of your bed and the legs of your couch or child’s crib ensures that no bugs can make their way up from the floor and into your mattresses. bed-bug-patrol.png

Bed Bug Repellent Products - We highly recommend wrapping your mattresses and box spring in our impermeable bed bug mattress covers to ensure that they can’t turn your bed into a nest for their young. We also recommend stocking up on travel size containers of our bed bug killing spray so that you can protect yourself and your luggage when on the go!

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Immediately kills bed bugs
by Jefford Ride - Amazon Verified Purchase

This is a wonderful product that kills bed bugs with one spray immediately on contact. It smells pleasant and its ingredients are safe. It is wonderful and it is a must have product for the fight to get rid of bed bugs. I would suggest to buy a toxic spray along with this that kills the bugs by smell as well to help bring out, what is not so apparent to the eyes, that are hidden in small holes or cracks. Once they are revealed bed bug control will completey finish them off.

Killed it!,
by Ashley Pope - Amazon Verified Purchase

Found a bed bug on my coat after using the apartment laundry room. Of course, I freaked out, put the bug in a jar and ordered this stuff. After a few days, the product arrived, my bug was still alive until I sprayed this stuff on it. In seconds it was dead! And it smelled good!

Actually Works
by dodgebro - Amazon Verified Purchase

This product actually kills the bugs through contact. The smell is a little strong, but not noxious. This product stops over night bites when sprayed on & around your bed before going to sleep. It will only kill on contact, but it does seem to work as a repellant. It is not a miracle cure, but it does work. I tested it directly on a bug & it took a few minutes but it did kill the little bastard. It will take diligence however, you have to find where the bugs are nesting and spray the eggs and bugs... The spray does not make my pets or me sick, which is a big plus. As a side note this stuff also kills fleas just as dead. I live very rural and my cats have had a flea problem. Fleas no longer bite me in my room. Since finding this product effective, I bought the gallon refill because I know this problem does not go away over night.

PROVEN to Kill BedBugs

We are so confident that Bed Bug Patrol® Bed Bug Killer is the RIGHT choice, we fully cover it with our 90 day Money Back Guarantee.