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How To Kill Bed Bugs

We Have ALL the Tools to Fight Bed Bugs

Are you ready to get rid of those bedbugs? It often takes more than one method. Anyone who has dealt with them can tell you that bedbugs are extremely relentless. Make sure you are properly equipped!

  1. Identify the problem. Do you have bedbugs? (See image) If samples cannot be found, other clues include blood stains in sheets, itchy bug bites, and dark brown marks on the mattress. To help identify, we offer a lighted microscope to help you see potential areas.
  2. Hit 'em where it hurts! Most bedbug infestations are found in the bed. Many hide on mattress seems (see image). They may also take refuge in or around the box spring. We recommend spraying them with our Bug Patrol Bedbug Spray and covering the mattress with our Premium Bed Bug Mattress Covers (both the mattress and box spring).
  3. Don’t stop there. Most bed bug infestations extend much further than just the bed. Often times, they are found in tiny crevices, on clothing, and in the carpet. In addition to our all-natural bed bug spray, we offer sticky traps, bed bug killer powder, and steamers (which kill bed bugs, on contact, using heat). Be sure to clean and vacuum any suspected areas.
  4. Get Relief. You don’t have to wait for the bed bugs to die before you can find relief. Naturasil Bite Relief naturally relieves bite symptoms from ALL bugs. It is completely natural and safe to use in large quantities.
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